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How to Register for the 2019 Hemophilia Hike

Go to  www.bdast.org/hike

Look for the link for Myevent.com BDAST Hike for Hemophilia – this will take you to our secure web site to register your team and collect donations.

Become a Team Captain!

Your team can be made up of family, friends, neighbors, classmates, co-workers, or members of your book club, place of worship, sewing club, etc. a team is simply a group of people who come together to support the Hemophilia hike. Forming a team is a fun way to raise money for the Hemophilia Hike.   And, it’s easy to do!

1. Register your team online. Go to www.bdast.org,  go to our walk area of the web site click on the link, Choose a team name and sign up your team.

2. Set a personal fundraising goal. As a Team Captain, you should lead by example-set a high fundraising goal.

3. Ask your friends and family to join you as a team member. Ask them to sign up online under your team name and start raising money.

4. Tell your personal story-   Part I. Design your own fundraising page online. Tell everyone why you are participating in the Hemophilia Hike. Make it personal- post photos!

5. Tell your personal story-   Part II. Write letters send Emails and post to social media to friends and family asking them to support your efforts. Tell them how easy it is to donate online or send you a check..

6. Create your team identity. Create a team T-shirt, buttons, or hats for your team to wear on hike day. A “best t-shirt” contest will be held on the day of the hike. You design your own team t-shirt that BDAST will pay for through the “sponsorship” and will help your team stand out on the Hike day!

7. Attend the Kickoff Event. You’ll get all the instructions, inspiration, and materials you need to organize your hikers.

8. Stay in touch with your hikers. Stress the importance of fundraising to further the mission of BDAST: to bettering the lives of people with bleeding disorders and their families, through support, advocacy and education.

9. Stay in touch with BDAST staff. Let them know your fundraising challenges and successes. They can give ideas that have worked for other teams and send you materials.

10. Attend the HIKE! Make sure your team makes a big impact with colorful T-shirts and/or accessories. Don’t forget to bring all pledge forms to the Hike.

Frequently Asked Questions about Teams

 Who should be the Team Captain?

   The person who has the most leadership skills on the team and is able to give the most time to the project.

 Is there a minimum or maximum number of hikers on a team?

   No. Teams can be as small as two or three hikers or as large as hundreds of hikers.

 Can a team have more than one Team Captain?

  Yes. Typically, each Team Captain is responsible for 10 hikers. So if your team is large, it’s best to have multiple Team Captains.

 What kind of support and instruction do Team Captains receive?

  The Kickoff Event will provide all the materials, instructions and inspiration you’ll need! Afterward, Team Captains will receive pre-hike progress reports that contain team-building and fundraising tips and should      contact the BDAST Hike manager January@bdast.org or Brian Executive Director Brian@bdast.org

 Can I hike if I don’t form a team?

  Yes. We think you’ll have more fun if you join a team, but many hikers come individually.

 How do we raise money?

  Write a letter or send an e-mail to friends and family asking for their support. Our Web site, www.bdast.org/hike offers a safe and secure way to send a donation. If you collect checks, bring them with to the hike.

#1 Sponsor yourself                                            $50.00

#2 Ask 4 family members to sponsor you for $25   $100.00

#3 Ask 5 co-workers to contribute $15                   $75.00

#4 Ask 5 friends to contribute $15                        $75.00

#5 Ask 5 neighbors to sponsor you for $15             $75.00

#6 Ask your boss for a company contribution of $50 $50.00

#7 Ask 3 businesses you frequent for a                                  donation of $25                 $75.00

Who should you ask? Here are some ideas

Mother    Father    Brother       Sister      Cousins

Uncle     Aunt       Doctor        Dry Cleaner    Neighbor

Co-workers    Roommates    Boss   Grandparents   Pharmacist

Grocer     Accountant    Manicurist   Landlord      Hair Stylist

Baker    Coach     Friends    Repairman      Veterinarian

Vendors      Banker      Dentist     Attorney         Teachers

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