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The Blood Brotherhood is a national program offered by the Hemophilia Federation of America.

The program is designed to be a multi-avenue outreach providing education, social support and a sense of community, to men with hemophilia and/or cordilleran's.

The Blood Brotherhood program is funded by grants from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and Baxter.  As part of qualifying for the grants, the CDC requires some reporting as they are interested in how education, physical activity, and social support impacts the quality of life of members of the bleeding disorders community.

BDAST administers a local Blood Brotherhood pilot site for the HFA's Blood Brotherhood program. The pilot site offers face to face events and webinars that are open to adult men with bleeding disorders. Since the BDAST pilot site is the only pilot site in New York State, the face to face events travel around quite a bit in order to make it more fair for participants from all over.

Face to Face Events

Face to face events are meant to be both fun and educational (not a typical support group feeling). Each face to face event has the following three components;

1) A Credentialed Speaker

2) A Physical Component

3) A Social Component

The speakers at a Blood Brotherhood event are credentialed in different areas and the topics covered vary with the event. For the most part the participants themselves decide what topics should be covered at future events at which point BDAST's Blood Brotherhood Committee locates an appropriate speaker. Past speakers have covered physical therapy, weight training, aquatic therapy, advocacy, nutrition, financial's, etc..

The CDC requires each blood brotherhood event to have a physical component as well. Don't worry, the physical components aren't horrid workouts, but more fun. In the past we've done snowmobiling, poker tournaments, fishing trips, golfing, nature walks, work with physical therapists and weight trainers.

The social component is just what it sounds like. It's the time spent just talking and kicking back amongst the other participants. More often than not this is done over a meal or during the physical activity.


The BDAST Blood Brotherhood Committee organizes webinar/teleconferences for the pilot site's participants on topics that they've shown interest in. Our past webinars have covered weight management, advocacy, financial planning etc.

If you would like to sign up for the Blood brotherhood Pilot site and receive the Blood Brotherhood mailings please fill out the information to left. Please remember, due to the regulations only adult men with bleeding disorders are allowed to join the Blood Brotherhood. We accept any qualified people with bleeding disorders aged 18 and over.

When you enroll in Blood Sisterhood, you will  be kept up to date on the latest news and events from HFA, and you will also receive a special Blood Sisterhood Welcome Kit!

Women have been the silent “carriers” of hemophilia and lived with undiagnosed bleeding disorders for too long. HFA is committed to providing women with the information and support they need to reach a diagnosis and continue that support through the stages of their life with a bleeding disorder.

The Blood Sisterhood program was established to help meet this need for women. A main component of the program is a peer network of women who support women with bleeding disorders on their life’s journey through diagnosis, treatment and day to day living. Ultimately, through furthering the conversation among women, we seek better health outcomes and a better quality of life for women with bleeding disorders.